The Thompson Family consists of Dave Thompson, Debbie Brown-Thompson, Malcolm
the Ocicat, and three Basenjis named Allie, Jagger, and Quinn.  We all live in a 105
year old house near downtown Edwardsville, IL.  Besides walking all over Edwardsville
and the nearby parks and bike trails with our dogs, we also participate in conformation,
lure coursing, and racing.  Besides belonging to the Show-Me Basenji Club, we both
were two of the founding members of the Rt. 66 Basenji Club, and belong to the
Basenji Club of America.
When we married in 1984, I already had two dogs and a cat which Dave had no choice
but to inherit.  But he always told me that someday he wanted to have a Basenji just
like the one he had seen as a child in a movie titled "Goodbye, My Lady."  So the next
time I attended a dog show, I made a special point to find a Basenji just so that I could
meet one in person.  I was SO disappointed.  It was a hound dog.  And it paid no
attention to me.  Oh well, I tried.  A few years later, both of my dogs grew old and
died and we were left with two cats.  I'm basically a cat person so having only cats
was fine with me, although I missed having a dog to walk with me around the
neighborhood.  We had decided to wait until we bought our first home before we
adopted another dog.  Finally we purchased our first house and I immediately began to
look for my next dog---a Yorkie!  Dave was sure he didn't want to be seen walking a
Yorkie around town and begged me to at least consider a Basenji again.  I actually
made an appointment to visit a Basenji owner active in rescue work so that I could
meet 5 Basenjis at once.  When we walked into her house, there was no odor, no
barking, and 5 little dogs that tiptoed around me like little deer.  I was hooked.  Three
weeks later I had my first Basenji, an 11 week old puppy named Cosmo, who changed
my life forever.
Remember how I mentioned that I'm basically a cat person?  The Basenji has fit our
family well since I consider them to be large cats.  I love their semi-wild personalities
and the fact that they are more like "roommates" rather than pets.  (Just like cats.)  
However, unlike a cat, we can take them walking for miles, travel with them
cross-country, and try all sorts of new sports like lure coursing, and racing.  We have
even met a wonderful network of people and new "best friends" all across the United
States because of them.
We originally joined the Show-Me club in order to meet other Basenji slaves like
ourselves, and have enjoyed the relationships that have developed as a result of
belonging to this group of people.  Some of the members show their dogs, some of them
lure course their dogs or participate in agility with them.  Some of the members breed
them, others like me and Dave only collect them.  But we all have spoiled Basenjis and
enjoying trying to top each other's Basenji stories whenever we're together for meetings
or events.  I would encourage any newcomers to the breed to join the Show-Me club to
meet lots of people like yourselves, and learn about all the activities that you can try with
your Basenjis.
Kibushi-Jadaka's Song of Meowl JC
Ch Jazzeta Patton Leather No Lace,
Ch. Berimo Signet Somewhere N Time
Premier Konza Moon Streak